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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.07.07

    Neko Youbi (Iwao Junko)
    Heian Mato Karakuri Kidan 2
    Haruna said that she had a fever the previous day, but she was fine today.

    Junko and Haruna read some letters.

    Haruna said that they receive a lot of presents from listeners who have traveled. They are very thankful for the gifts, but they would like to receive pretty postcards. Both Junko and Haruna collect postcards.

    Junko had a dream about a snake getting into her shirt (Junko hates snakes). So she screamed out very loudly and woke up. The next day, the next door neighbor (who heard the scream) asked her if she was all right. Haruna likes snakes..

    Then they played Neko Youbi from Junko's new album, Entrance.

    Since Junko wears glasses sometimes, a listener asked about her eyesight. Junko said that her eyesight was around 0.2 or so.

    Haruna: Oh, it's still good. Mine is worse than 0.03.
    Junko: So you always wear contacts?
    Haruna: Yes, I wear it for one week and then throw it away. Then I put the new ones in the next morning. So it's very dangerous that evening. I can't even see my own feet when I stand. It's that bad.

    Junko: When I was walking down the street, I walked past a construction site. I saw the brown bag of cement, and I thought it was a dog. Then I said, "Wow! It's so cute!" I ran to it and was about to pet it, but when I got close, I found out that it wasn't a dog.

    Then Haruna made Junko announce her blood type. Junko was reluctant, but she said it was AB.

    The drama was Heian Mato Karakuri Kidan, episode 2, Heian Nanpa 3 Ninshuu Toujou. The new characters were as follows.

    Fujiwara Michinaga Morikawa Toshiyuki
    Fujiwara Korechika Midorikawa Hikaru
    Fujiwara Motohikaru Furumoto Shinnosuke

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