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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.11.03

    Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko: Good evening. It's been about a month since this program started, but there are still some of you who make a mistake when writing the title of this program. Some of it is very funny. Many people write "Ruri Iro Aqua Room". Today there was someone who wrote "Ruri Iro Aquarius".. This program isn't a drink. But thank you very much for the letters. I got so many letters about my album and video. I'm so moved. Thank you very much.

    The first corner was oneechan ni kike.

    Kikuko: When I see someone who is yawning, I want to stick my finger into his mouth. Don't you feel that way too? It has been like this for a long time.
    Kikuko: When I was little Wendenyan was very cute when he yawned. One day I stuck my finger in his mouth when he was yawning, not that much, just a little.. He went "hagu hagu hagu", and he was very cute. So when I see someone yawning, my finger wants to move.

    Kikuko: There will be a drama called "Family Sentai Kazokuman" on my Manbou Housoukyoku CD that will come out soon.

    Then she played Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme, which is on the Manbou Housoukyoku CD (goes on sale 11/17).

    It was the beginning of a new corner, automatic story maker. Kikuko pulled postcards from the stacks for "who", "where", "with whom", "with what", "did what".
    Kikuko: I'm so happy. I really wanted to do this.

    Kikuko started laughing right away, before she read the postcards.

    • kikko's mother who was wearing a mumu
    • hollywood
    • a dandy priest
    • oolong-cha
    • blasted off

    • a clay figure
    • in the ocean
    • prince of the star
    • hula dance
    • ate off the floor

    Kikuko: I have no idea what that means! It's a big failure!

    • me, who loves you very much
    • papua, new guinea
    • chuck wilson
    • mickey mouse
    • touched it and died

    Kikuko: Thank you very much everyone. It's so funny.

    The next corner was theater aquarium, and Kikuko read a story.

    Then Kikuko chose the winners of the special presents

    Kikuko said that after the Manbou Housoukyoku CD, there will be another radio show CD! It will be set up just like the radio show, and she will use some of the letters to this radio show on this CD.

    Next week, the guest will be Hidaka Noriko.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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