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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1996.03.08

    Chiba Shigeru (千葉繁)
    Sotsugyou (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko: Before this program started, I was reading the letters everyone sent. Thank you very much. They are all so funny. I wish I can read them all on the air.

    Kikuko: Also there are those who sent me presents and such. I talked about the puchi-puchi-kun before, and there was someone who sent me a box of it. Also the candies and such. Thank you very much.

    Kikuko: The guest today is Chiba Shigeru.
    Shigeru [screaming out loudly]: Wake up! I'm Chiba Shigeru.
    Kikuko started laughing.
    Shigeru [shouted]: Wake up everyone!

    Kikuko: The first time I met you was in Ranma 1/2.
    Shigeru: Really? Didn't we meet earlier?
    Kikuko: No. That was the first time. Since I had known about you from Urusei Yatsura, I thought, "He's the famous one." I thought Sasuke was so funny.
    Shigeru: I thought Kasumi was so funny.
    Kikuko: You're always so funny. Are you alone?
    Shigeru: I'm married.
    Kikuko: No, I mean I think there are at least three of you.
    Shigeru: The other day, someone told me that I was in Roppongi. An old friend of mine said that he talked to me there. But actually I was at home sleeping.
    Kikuko: I think there are two or three of you. You're always all over the place, in studios and such. So there are two or three of you.
    Shigeru: Don't look so serious when you say that..
    Kikuko: Maybe you don't realize it yourself.

    Shigeru: Do you do spiritual leaving of the body?
    Kikuko: I've never done that before. Are you doing it?
    Shigeru: When I do it consciously, I know about it. But there may be times when I do it unconsciously.
    Kikuko: You're almost not human.
    Shigeru: Actually I'm a chameleon.

    [oneechan ni kike corner]

    Q: How is it recently?
    (That was all that the listener wrote.)
    Shigeru: I haven't slept much in the last 10 years or so.
    Kikuko: I think so too. I'm always feeling that you're not getting much sleep.
    Shigeru: There was a time when I fell asleep while walking. It's just for an instant. Even at large recording studios, when I walk to the mike, I would fall asleep three times on the way.
    Kikuko: Yes, when I was driving, there were a couple times when I suddenly realized that I had been sleeping. It's just for 1/3 of a second or so.
    Shigeru: Yes, it's only for an instant. I went to a doctor and had a checkup and they said that it was just a lack of sleep.
    Kikuko: I really think there are three of you. Please take care of yourself.

    In the theater aquarium corner, Chiba Shigeru did the voice of a high school boy who purposely forgot to do his homework. Kikuko did the voice of the math teacher. Shigeru kept throwing in some adlibs, making Kikuko laugh.

    Kikuko: Last week Sasaki Nozomu came as a guest.
    Shigeru: He's poor because he buys MACs.
    Kikuko: But you too..
    Shigeru: Actually I was the tone who urged him to use computers. He likes these new toys. So when I bring things to the studio, he always looks at it and runs off to Akihabara.

    Kikuko: There's going to be a video coming out?
    Shigeru: In the seiyuu daisuki series, we're making a video.
    Kikuko: There are a lot of people in this video. I'm in it a little bit too.
    [This video goes on sale 4/19.]

    Shigeru: There's a green and white part to the watermelon, which is the real color and which is the stripe? Also a zebra, is it white with black lines, or black with white lines?
    Kikuko: I don't know.

    Then she played Sotsugyou from her Yuubina Osakana CD.

    Kikuko: It was wild today with Chiba Shigeru. Just like and early spring storm. I think I was able to speak fast because I got taken into his pace.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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