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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1996.03.15

    Tottemo Umanami (Men's Five)
    Kikuko: I got many letters answering the question by Chiba Shigeru about the lines on a zebra. There were people who sent in copies and such. But some people said it was white on black, and others said it was black on white. So I don't know which is correct. Maybe it's both.

    [oneechan ni kike]

    Kikuko: Today it's really great. It's international! I got a letter from Jimmy Chan who lives in California in America. It's in English. There were some people on the staff who translated it for me. It's written in this letter, but there is a translation of this program on the Internet, so those in America can find out about it. Doi-san is always translating things. Thank you very much. Also the script writer for this program, Ramsey-san, is also a Doi-san. So I'm always being taken care of by Doi-san's. Thank you very much.

    Kikuko: I'll read the letter.

    Kikuko [in English]: Dear Kikko-san, nice to meet you. Even though I live America I become a nantoka nantoka..

    Kikuko [in Japanese]: There's a lot more in English. I'll read the question.

    Kikuko [in English]: I have a question for the oneechan ni kike corner. How can you tell if a fish is sleeping?

    Kikuko [laughing, in Japanese]: Don't I sound pretty stupid.

    Kikuko: I'm sorry, I'll try to answer. Fish is osakana.. So maybe he's asking, "Does a fish sleep?"

    Kikuko: Yes, a fish sleeps. A fish doesn't have any eyelids, so it looks like it doesn't sleep. But it does. I wonder if a fish dreams too. I don't know.

    Kikuko: Thank you Jimmy Chan. Thanks for listening from very far away.

    Kikuko read some more letters.

    Then Kikuko played Tottemo Umanami the ED song to the TV anime Midori no Makibaou, sung by Men's Five.

    Then it was the Ruri Iro Aquarium Special Manbou Housoukyoku 3 corner.

    Kikuko: What a long name. Which part is the name of the CD?

    They played a message for the answering machine (which is on this CD). There are also messages for alarm clocks, some Kikuko "best 5" corners, the oneechan ni kike corner, the new product corner, and the other regular corners of this radio show on the CD.

    Kikuko: This CD is for those from far away who have trouble listening to the radio broadcast.

    Kikuko: The first one was for fun. The image was pop. The second was was chic. The staff wanted the third one to be bakuhatsuda! [an explosion!], but it became special. We all tried our best at it.

    Kikuko: The jacket this time was a kimono. It was supposed to be one, but I got to wear two. There are two different kinds. I have my hair down in some pictures, and up in some others. Since this cover has a kimono, if you see this CD in the enka section of your CD store, please move it to the seiyuu corner.

    Kikuko: There is a Family Sentai Kazokuman drama in this CD too. This time, it's an Edo period story.

    Then Kikuko played part of the drama.

    Kikuko: The people who are in it are the same as the first one. But Kikuko's name is now Okiku-neechan. Father is Otottsan. I'm doing all of the voices, but Bokelar and Tsukkomi have some processing done by machines. Also father's voice has a tiny bit of processing. I like to do boy voices like Hiroshi, but I don't get to do them much. So I'm really psyched about Kazokuman. I have a little ambition. It would be great if a manga, novel, drama CD, and such would come out for it. It would be fun. How about a game? Maybe even selling doujinshi at comike.

    Kikuko: What will happen to Sachiko? What will happen to the bijo no moto? There are many mysteries. You won't know even if you listen to this..

    Kikuko: But please enjoy it.

    Kikuko: This CD goes on sale 3/21. If you have some money left over, please listen to it.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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