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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1996.03.29

    Kikuko: Good evening, I'm Inoue Kikuko. Oh, no! It's the final broadcast tonight. What should I do? My heart is pounding. I'll try to do a perfect job as usual. Oh, that's an oi oi. Let's do the first oi oi of the last broadcast. I hope it's a fun program tonight.

    [oneechan ni kike corner]

    Kikuko: If I was going to make up questions, I would do it in a song.

    Then Kikuko started singing!

    Hello, everyone! It's math today. One plus one is? Two!
    [は〜い, みなさん, こんにちは, 今日は算数ですね, 一たす一は?二!]

    Kikuko: But if it was all singing, school would be like an opera and it would be fun. Even the math tables and such. They should make it a song.

    Kikuko sang again.

    Two times two is three..

    Kikuko started laughing. Then she started over again.

    Two times two is four, two times three is six, two times four is eight, two times five is..

    Kikuko: I'm sorry, I already forgot my multiplication tables.

    Kikuko: Thank you very much to all of the people who sent in questions for the oneechan ni kike corner. I'm sorry to those people whom I couldn't read the letters.

    Kikuko: To those with some worries, I always feel, "Please try your best." There won't be an oneechan ni kike any more, but I think the answers are deep within your heart.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium no omoide corner]

    Kikuko: I asked you to send me your feelings of the radio show last week. I received a lot of letters. Thank you very much.

    A listener listed the five things he remembers the most from the radio show.

    Number 5: having a guest come.
    Kikuko: I was very happy when a guest came. It's fun to talk with someone than being along.

    Number 4: the scary Twilight Syndrome drama.
    Kikuko: That was very scary. The story had the branches along the way. Each time, the writer Ramsey-san brought a lot of scripts and each time we would just decide which way to go right there. After deciding, we got the script and read it right then. It was very thrilling for us too.

    Number 3: the Ruri Iro Aquarium romance drama.
    Kikuko: I liked these too. Ramsey-san wrote these too, based on everyone's letters.

    Number 2: oneechan ni kike
    Kikuko: In my life so far, people usually haven't asked me much. Well, when I was walking along the street, somebody might ask me for some directions. But people usually didn't ask me things.
    Kikuko: But in this corner, people asked me a lot of things, and I felt I like was a wise person who knew a lot. It felt good. Thank you very much.

    Number 1: the oneechan who forgot to say the address for the letters.
    Kikuko: I had forgotten about it. (^_^;) But yes there were a couple of those. I would say that I'll say the address at the end of the broadcast, but I forgot to say it at the end.

    Kikuko started crying when she read the next letter.

    Kikuko: I wanted to do a fun last broadcast. I received a lot of these letters. Thank you very much.

    Kikuko: It was a very fun program for me. My old friends always say that they can't believe that I'm a seiyuu. I was never good at talking, even now I'm not good.

    Kikuko: But doing seiyuu work is strange. Maybe you listeners can tell. When I talk normally, I'm not very good. But when I read a script, it seems like there is a switch in my body. It turns on, and I can read and talk well. So seiyuu work is very difficult, but it's also challenging.

    Kikuko: But for this radio program, I can be myself. It's not like a work. It's like talking to a friend. It's like a dream. Thanks to all of you who have send the warm letters.

    Kikuko: I also have one more announcement to make.

    Kikuko: I'm going to get married in May.

    Kikuko: I'm not reducing my work because I'm going to get married. I said that I wanted to reduce my work this year. Even this spring, there were some new regular programs offered to me, but I apologized and said that I just wanted to try my best at the regular programs that I'm doing now. I want to keep doing the one time work. But I was too busy right now and I didn't have any free time.

    Kikuko: There are some rumors around that I am going to reduce my work and quit after I get married. But that's not true. I want to try my best at being a seiyuu, so I need to rest now. I want to make each one of my work very important.

    Kikuko: There were also many other things that I want to study. I have a lot of complaints with my own voice. I read in a newspaper, one opera singer said that it took 30 years for him to get satisfied with his voice. I understand that very well.

    Kikuko: It's my own selfishness, but I want to reduce my work and study more and more.

    Kikuko: Getting married is also one excuse. It's a new life, and I don't know what will happen. But as a seiyuu I want to try harder. It's a lifetime work for me, and I want to do my best.

    Kikuko: Over these few years, I've done lots of work. It's not just voice work, but I've been in a video. Also recently I made a picture collection, La Sirene. I want to make all of these feelings come out in my work as a seiyuu. The feeling I get when I wear some clothes and get my picture taken, the happiness I feel when I read letters from fans, and also the harsh criticisms that I sometimes get. I want to make all of these come out in my work as a seiyuu. So now I'm not afraid of many things any more. Even the difficult times that I have to go through, I want to make it come out in my work.

    Kikuko: So I'm very positive. I'm very sorry to all of those people who wrote and asked me to keep continuing this radio show. It's my selfishness. Please forgive me.

    Kikuko: I'll say it again. Thank you very much for all of the letters. Thank you very much for all of your kindness.

    [BGM: Hoshizora Keiyu de Todoketai]

    Kikuko: There was one thing that I wanted to say. I forgot. The person that I'm going to marry is a classmate from high school. That's all. Good-bye.. Oh, no, it's not good-bye. I'm so embarrassed.

    Kikuko: It was because of the great staff that I was able to do this radio show.

    Then the staff came in and gave a lot of flowers to Kikuko.

    Kikuko: Thank you very much! Thank you very much.

    Kikuko: I was just going to talk about all of you. First is Otakki Sasaki, the director. He's always happy, and smiling no matter how many mistakes I made. He saved me a lot with his cheerfulness.

    Kikuko: Also Mega Killa-san is here too. He was here from Twilight Syndrome. He's eyes really shine when we talk about scary stories. But normally, he's a very nice person. I wonder why he likes scary stories so much.

    Kikuko: Also my master from Media Remoras. Thank you very much.

    Kikuko: Also Harada-san from Media Remoras. Thank you very much.

    Kikuko: Also sitting in front of me, is Ramsey-san. He's such a nice person. It was because of him that I was able to talk. He did the oi oi to me very kindly. Ramsey-san is going to release a book in May. He's a famous person in the PC world. Was it a NEC PC? Sega Saturn? That's totally different. Oh, IBM PC. It's going to be called Palmtop PC 110 Dennou Seikatsu Manual. I think it will be interesting.

    Kikuko: Also in May, there is going to be a CD released, called Ruri Iro Aquarium Selection, containing the best and funny parts of this radio show.

    Kikuko: I'll try to be very cheerful from now on. Everyone who is listening, please be optimistic and happy. I pray for everyone's happiness. Someday, somewhere, let's meet again.

    Kikuko: Oyasuminasai.

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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