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  • Sentimental Night - 1997.07.07

    Toyoshima Machiko (豊嶋真千子)
    Suzuki Urarako (鈴木麗子)
    Nichiyoubi no Oka (Adachi Taeko/Okada Junko)
    Ano Hi no Mama no Kimi de Ite, Sugihara Manami hen
    Tonight was the first night with new class A, Toyoshima Machiko and Suzuki Urarako.

    There was a letter from a listener who said that the newspaper lists this radio show as "fantasy world" but not "sentimental night". So he couldn't find this radio show. He asked about how this radio show was run.

    Fujita Toshiko explained a little about the radio show. Things were going to change a little starting this week. There were the new "classes" with two SG girls each. There will be a drama starting with tonight's broadcast. The sentimental mistake and dengonban corners will still exist.

    CM: Animate Kawagoe [Hikami Kyoko doing the voice]
    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Manami talking
    CM: Animate Kinshichou [Hikami Kyoko]

    There was a new BGM to the sentimental mistake corner. Machiko read one letter, and Urarako read one letter. Machiko's letter was about a guy who bought the Sentimental Graffiti CD on 5/21, but when he was leaving the store, the alarm went off on him. Urarako's letter was about a boy who was half asleep in school, and answered "sentimental" instead of "centimeter" during class.

    The next corner was the "dengonban" corner, and Machiko read a letter.

    CM: Animate Tsudanuma [Hikami Kyoko]
    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, 12 girls

    They had the Sentimental radio drama, Ano Hi no Mama no Kimi de Ite Sugihara Manami story.

    The drama was almost like a monologue, where Machiko did almost all of the talking.

    After the drama, they gave out some Sentimental Graffiti event information.

    Sentimental Graffiti the fine day
    7/30, 10:00 to 17:00, at Tokyo Big Sight.
    There will be talk shows by the SG seiyuu, a recording of the radio show, and they will sell SG goods. Admission is 1000 yen, and the ticket will come with a poster. There are no advance tickets. For more information, call 03-5675-1096 (24 hours, a recording).
    [message by Yamamoto Rurika and Hoshino Asuka]

    Sentimental Graffiti summer concert
    8/27, 14:00 and 18:00, two sessions, at Ohmiya Sonic City
    tickets go on sale 7/13, at Ticket Pia.
    There will be songs and talk by the 12 SG girls.

    There is going to be a Sentimental Night Nihon Seifuku contest. The listeners can vote for their favorite seifuku (school uniform). 5 people will get scripts to the drama, and 36 people will get a SG t-shirt (that will only be sold at the 7/30 event). This contest ends at the end of July.
    Postcards should be sent to the radio show address, センチメンタル・ナイト 制服コンテスト (Sentimental Night Seifuku Contest) corner. Write down the name of the girl.

    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Emiru
    CM: Animate Machida [Hikami Kyoko]
    CM: Sentimental Graffiti, Manami

    They played Nichiyoubi no Oka by Adachi Taeko (Okada Junko).

    Machiko said that it feels good to come back (to the radio show).

    Class B will come on 7/21 and 7/28.

    [Sentimental Night]

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