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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.02.09

    Shinjou Mayu (manga artist)
    Torikago Hime (Iwao Junko)
    Junko was eating some hamster shaped gummis that a listener had sent in.

    The guest was Shinjou Mayu, manga artist, who has a manga called Kaikan Phrase running in Shoujo Comic.

    Mayu said that she really likes Nagase Tomoya from the group Tokio, and that she used him as a model for one of her characters in a previous manga.

    When Junko commented on how nice the school blazers are in Mayu's manga, Mayu said that she always wore blazers, so she wanted to wear a sera fuku. Junko on the other hand, always wore sera fuku, so she wanted to wear a blazer.

    Shinjou Mayu will have her first signing session on 6/29, in Shizuoka.

    After Mayu left, Junko read some letters.

    One person asked what animal it was that Junko was drawing in her column in a magazine. Junko said that it was a hamster. Junko says that although she's not good at drawing, she loves to draw. Also the same with cooking.

    Then Junko read some more letters and sang, for the "iwaou" corner.

    Junko said that she didn't have a tamagocchi right now, although she used to have one before.

    Then Junko sang a song for the "kaeuta" corner. This song was about someone who always had trouble waking up in the morning. Then Junko said that she was the same. Junko also remembered something when she was singing the song. Someone had asked her to wake them up with a morning call that day, but Junko had forgotten..

    Junko played Torikago Hime from her Entrance CD.

    There will be a public recording of this radio show on 4/6.

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