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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.06.29

    Nakanai Weekend (Iwao Junko)
    Last week, Junko went on a Mahou Tsukai Tai "training tour" to Chiba. There were 300 people who went on the tour. They planned to wake up at 6 AM and go jogging, but it rained. Overall the weather was good, except for the live portion. Junko said that the ocean was very beautiful.

    Junko read some letters.

    Junko likes straight hair, but hers has some natural waves. So she has a hard time with her hair style. Right now Junko is trying to grow her hair long again.

    Then she played Nakanai Weekend, from her Hajimemashite album.

    Junko said that her manager called to wake her up when she had to get up early for work. Junko was half asleep, so she said some embarassing things. But Junko wouldn't say what it was.

    Then Junko read letters and sang for the "iwaou" corner and "kaeuta" corner. The kaeuta was a song about curry rice.

    Since Junko lives alone, she always makes too much curry rice and has to eat it the next day for breakfast too.

    Junko will have a concert on 8/31 at the Akasaka Blitz. Also the video of her spring live will come out.

    Junko: What would you do with 160 million yen?

    A friend of one of the staff members won in the lottery.

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