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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.08.03

    Dream Dream (Iwao Junko)
    Lots of people sent snacks, and Junko and the staff were eating them.

    There was a question about Junko's new album kimochi which goes on sale in September. There will be 11 songs. It will not contain Teno Hira no Uchuu, but it will have Dream Dream.

    There was a question about the data on the Teno Hira no Uchuu CD-ROM. There is a funny round character in the data. It was a character that Junko drew. She called it "maaruikun". On the CD-ROM, maaruikun moves around.

    Then after reading a few more letters, Junko played her song Dream Dream.

    CM: Flower Comics (Chiba Chiemi and Toyoshima Machiko)

    One of Junko's dreams is to make a musical family. She also has many other dreams.

    Then Junko read letters and sang for the "iwaou" and "kaeuta" corners.

    One of the birthdays was from someone who turned 14 on the 14th. Junko mentioned that it was called "golden birthday" when one turns the age of the birthdate.
    Junko: It only happens once in your life. Mine is already over.

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