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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.09.21

    Taniyama Hiroko
    Suki na Hito ga Iruno (Iwao Junko)
    Makkura Mori (Taniyama Hiroko)
    The opening was Ohisama, from Kimochi, Junko's album which just went on sale.

    The guest was Taniyama Hiroko. They talked about a lot of things, and read letters.

    Hiroko has been doing her "101 person" concert for 10 years, and she has done 300 of them.

    Hiroko likes to travel, and likes Hong Kong.

    There was a question asking about Hiroko's first impression of Junko. Junko went to visit Hiroko in the studio. She was wearing a long one piece, and sat in a corner very quiet. Junko was looking at everything with "pure" eyes..

    Hiroko [to Junko]: Now? You're not quiet.

    Then they played Suki na Hito ga Iruno, from Kimochi. This was a song that Hiroko picked from Junko's album.

    Then they read some more letters. There was a request to have Hiroko play the piano, so Hiroko played the piano, and they both sang the "iwaou" song.

    They played Makkura Mori by Taniyama Hiroko, from her album Memories.

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