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  • Kikuko no Sonata - 1999.01.29

    Nishimura Chinami (¼ʤ)
    Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳)
    Konishi Hiroko ()
    They played parts of the public recording event.

    The first corner was the "17 sai de kotaechau" corner, and they played the clip from the event. Kikuko talked about how she liked maple syrup on pancakes.

    The next corner was "mittsu no sekai de aimashou", where they had Nishimura Chinami, Hikami Kyoko, and Konishi Hiroko as the guests. Each guest talked about their characters in the game Sonata.

    The next corner was "utatte sonata", where Kikuko sang an adlib song, and the keywords were: jimi na otousan (a bland father), zenpoukouenfun (an ancient grave), puchi puchi sheet (plastic bubble wrapping).

    The next corner was "sonata kara no tegami", where they talked about the Sonata game.
    [this was from the studio, not public recording]

    Kikuko and Maria said that the public recording event will come out as a CD. There will also be a booklet with pictures of Kikuko and Maria in the various clothes that they wore: China dress, sailor fuku, nurse outfit, and normal clothes.

    [Sasisuse Sonata]

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