Tonkatsu Wide - 1996.05.16

Title Tonkatsu Wide
Aired 1996.05.16
Songs Kagirinai Yokubou no Nakani (Hayashibara Megumi)
Family Sentai Kazoku-man no Theme (Inoue Kikuko)
Seiyuu Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)

They played "Kagirinai Yokubou no Nakani" (限りない欲望の中に), Hayashibara Megumi's new single (goes on sale 5/22).

[skipping a lot of stuff]

Inoue Kikuko adlib song dengonban special

The guest was Inoue Kikuko. They took phone calls and faxes for "messages" that people wanted Kikuko to make a song out of. Kikuko just made up the songs on the spot.

Kazumi: I hear you're good at adlib songs.
Kikuko: Is that so? I just like to have fun singing.

The messages were as follows.

I ate my brother's pudding. Please apologize.
After singing the song, Kikuko commented about "pucchin pudding".
Kikuko: I always want to put the pucchin pudding on a plate and eat it that way.

To the cat in the neighborhood, please be scared of the PET bottle.
Nora-neko-chan, hey! Nora-neko-chan, hey! ....
Please be scared of the PET bottle.

To mother, please hide your money better where I can't find it.
Kikuko sang this in enka style.

To 6th grade classmates, let's do a reunion. Everyone please come.

To the old woman of the cafeteria, please don't skimp on the curry rice. I know it's cheap, but it's not enough.
Kikuko: Wasn't there some music of the land of curry?
Kazumi: Nyaa, nyaa, nyaaa..
Kikuko: Oh, that's too hard. I don't know that one.
Kazumi: India..
Kazumi: Let's go with Eurobeat.
Kikuko: What's that?
[a break from the messages]

Kikuko: I made my own theme song.
Kazumi: What's the title?
Kikuko: It's called "Inoue Kikuko no Theme".

The lyrics were: まんぼうみたいな 井上 き・く・こ.
(Manbou mitaina Inoue Ki-ku-ko)

[back to the messages]

To a girl, I couldn't confess to you, since it looked like you were waiting for your mother. Please notice me.
Kikuko sang it like a love song. This was very good. (around 30 seconds)

Please don't move your ears one at a time during class.
A fast song.

To people who know me, I'll be in the in the egg eating and cola drinking contest in the athletic tournament. Please come watch me.
[end of adlib song dengonban special]

After the "adlib song message board" corner, they played "Family Sentai Kazoku-man no Theme" by Inoue Kikuko.

Kikuko mentioned that there will be a Ruri Iro Aquarium Selection CD that goes on sale the next day (5/17). It will be 2500 yen and contains the funny parts from her radio show. There will be a little bit of newly recorded parts too.

Also there will be an Inoue Kikuko anime song collection containing 40 songs from various record companies coming out on 7/3. There will be a LD with it too, for 7800 yen.

Before leaving, Kikuko also sang the "Tonkatsu Wide no Uta".

[Kikuko was on the air for about 25 minutes.]

[Tonkatsu Wide]

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