Ȥ󥫥ĥ磻 - 1997.02.20

Seiyuu Guest
Inoue Kikuko (׻)
White Reflection -Jet Stream attack mix- (Two Mix)
Tsumi to Batsu (Inoue Kikuko)
Inoue Kikuko was the guest for the Kazumi action. She was wearing a pink nurse outfit, with a pink cap and white shoes. Usually the seiyuu guest comes into the studio at around 22:20 for the Kazumi action corner, but Kikuko was in the studio from the beginning. Kikuko stayed in the studio and talked with Kazumi during the other corners.

Kikuko said that she went to buy the nurse outfit herself. She was going to buy a white one, but there wasn't a white cap. So she looked at the pink cap and thought that the pink outfit was cuter.

Kikuko had recorded some of the Tonkatsu Wide jingles, and they were going to play some of them during the show.

The first song was White Reflection -Jet Stream attack mix- by the Two Mix from the BPM Dance Unlimited CD which goes on sale 3/26.

Kikuko did some of the narration in a mature, narration voice. Kazumi said that he heard this kind of Kikuko for the first time.

Kikuko: This was only 55%. I can talk like this if I try.. but nobody believes me.

Kikuko said that the nurse outfit was around 3900 yen, the nurse cap was around 450 yen, and the shoes were around 1900 yen.

Kikuko: This feels great. I feel like I want to go to work wearing this every day.

(Inoue Kikuko no Hakui de Utau Shinsatsushitsu)

People were going to call in with their problems and the type of song that they wanted Kikuko to sing to make them feel better. Kazumi said that he wanted to hear Kikuko sing hard rock or heavy metal.

The first listener had his bird fly away, and he wanted Kikuko to sing in a children's song style.

The next listener didn't receive any chocolate on Valentine's Day, and he wanted Kikuko to sing in a yodel style. Kikuko tried yelling out, "Lali ho!" She started out singing this way, but it became a normal song later.. Kikuko said, "It's very hard. I'm sorry."

The next listener got refused for a job, and wanted Kikuko to sing a classic song. Kikuko said that she would do it in a Dvorzak (?) style and went, "Jan ja ja ja jan.." But it quickly became a "normal" song.

The next listener said that he started to look similar to Nakamoto Kouji [I don't know who Nakamoto Kouji is], and wanted Kikuko to sing a hard rock song. Kikuko said, "Oh yeah!" and started to sing, but it was more a slow ballad than hard rock.

The next listener had a face that made him look much older than he really is, and he wanted Kikuko to sing enka.
Kikuko: How old is he now?
Kazumi: 17.
Kikuko: Oh, same as me.

Kikuko sang in enka style, and after the song, Kazumi said that it was "pops enka".

The next listener had her sweater shrink after sending it to the cleaners, and wanted Kikuko to sing in Hawaiian style. Kikuko said that her mother was learning Hawaiian dance, so the Hawaiian style wouldn't be difficult for her.

The next listener cooked curry, but his family members all said it was lousy and went to a restaurant. He wanted Kikuko to do a rap. Kazumi did some background rap beat, and Kikuko started singing.. Then Kazumi stopped her and said that she wasn't supposed to sing in a rap. He told her that she was supposed to talk to the rhythm. Then Kikuko tried again, and she talked.. slightly fitting the rhythm.

That was the end of this corner, and they played a song from Kikuko's Onee-chan to Issho March CD called Tsumi to Batsu, which was a rock song.

Kazumi: That was rock.
Kikuko: Wasn't my song like that?
Kazumi: It was slightly different. Slightly..
Kikuko: Why do you have your arms spread so wide?
Kikuko: But when I heard this, I thought it fit me.

Kikuko talked a little about the Onee-chan to Issho CD series, and said that she will eat a parfait in the March issue (which goes on sale 2/21).

Kikuko also mentioned that she chooses a song each month, from the requests of the listeners and sings it the next month.

Kazumi: Have you done rap?
Kikuko: No.
Kazumi: Please do it.
Kikuko: But it's hard.. Maybe..

The Kazumi action corner was around 20 minutes, and Kikuko was on the air for around 20 minutes before that.

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