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  • VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage - 1996.10.19

    Mune ni Himeta Paradise (Mitsuishi Kotono)


    The BGM was Sugao no Spy Tachi.

    Fumie said that she was losing weight recently. She lost about 1 kg per week. Satomi said it was great, but Fumie said that she was losing it where she didn't want to, i.e. her breasts..


    In this corner, they asked for letters from listeners with various questions. The staff will go find the answers.

    Question: Please tell us more about Shimada Masami, the director of Saber Marionette J.
    Reply: This is his first time as a director of a TV series. But has had worked on many fighting shows in the past: Yuuyuu Hakusho, Ninku, Street Fighter II V, Virtua Fighter..

    Question: Inoue Kikuko's radio show ended in March. Is she going to do something new?
    Reply: There will be a monthly CD called Oneechan to Issho coming out on 12/16. It will be 60 minutes and will be similar to a radio show. It will also have one new song per CD. The theme song will be the third Wendenyan song.
    Kikuko is also in Gall Force, and she sings a solo song on the vocal collection CD. It's a type of song that she had never sung before.


    Fumie and Satomi read some normal letters..

    Fumie said that she liked traveling. She went to Bali, Saipan, and the US last year. She wants to go to Australia next. Satomi said that she wanted to go to some Southern Island.

    Rajimage Journal

    There will be a new Nausicaa book coming out. It will be A4 sized, and come in a box. There will be two volumes at 5800 yen each. Those who reserve them by 11/10, will receive a Nausicaa cap.

    They played Mune ni Himeta Paradise by Mitsuishi Kotono, from the Gall Force vocal collection CD.

    Gall Force Bunshitsu

    This was Nagasaki Moe's corner.

    Moe read a part of her diary. She said that she gets a certain feeling in the morning, and decides on her clothes for that day depending on that feeling. This day, Moe was wearing a white and red checkered outfit, and also had a Pingu backpack.

    There was a question from a listener: Please tell us about yourself.
    Moe said that her birthday was June 21, 1978, and her blood type was B. Her hobby was sewing (pajamas, one piece, hat). She usually made her own, as that was the size that she knew best.

    Recently Moe likes to go watch movies too. She went to see a French movie called Apartment, and she really liked it.

    Gall Force Information..

    The song Sugao no Spy Tachi will come out on a CD single on 11/21. It will only be 600 yen!


    The BGM was Private Desert.

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