Yuna Radio - 1997.04.13

Title Yuna Radio
Aired 1997.04.13
Song Tottemo Gohan (Takahashi Miki)
Hosts Yokoyama Chisa (Һ)
Takahashi Miki (ⶶ)
Guest Akitaka Mika

The new Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna radio show started. It is the last show on Sunday night, and it will only be aired if the baseball game ends by 21:30.. If the baseball broadcast goes too long, the other programs will be pushed back, and this program will be canceled.

Chisa and Miki talked in Yuna and Yuuri's voices.

The BGM of the opening was "Funny Funny Little Girl".

Then Chisa and Miki came (i.e. talked in their normal voices), saying that they came to assist Yuna and Yuuri. Yuna and Yuuri went off, and left Chisa and Miki. Then Yuna and Yuuri came back, and the four of them talked.. (^_^;)

Boys are not allowed on this radio show.. so all the listeners have to use female radio-names.

Yuna talked a little about the current OAV series. There are new bad guys, but Yuna wants to be friends with them.

Yuuri talked about food. She likes all food, except bananas. But she likes onigiri the best.

Akitaka Mika (creator of Yuna) came too, and Chisa called him "Mika-chan", as boys aren't allowed..

Yuuri kept eating donuts in the background, as Chisa and Mika talked about Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna.

They played "Tottemo Gohan" by Takahashi Miki.

Yuna and Yuuri talked about the corners of the radio show.

  • aku no kage (shadow of evil) - about "hidden" bad things
  • konna otomodachi ga iru (strange friends)
  • konnano taberareru (strange foods)

Also everyone has to write the letters with the "feeling of ojousama", and an ojousama name.

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