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Sakamoto Chika events

Some of the events that Chika has appeared in are as follows.

1984.01.15Haikyou Charity Sign Kai at Isetan Department Store Shinjuku
1984.04.15[13:00] Anime Big Tour in Utsunomiya
1984.04.22[13:00] Anime Big Tour in Niigatashi Koukaidou
1985.02.112nd Nihon Anime Festival -Asakusa Anime Eiga Matsuri in Asakusa
1985.05.05[11:00] Cat's Eye Special event at Kokusai Sports Fair 85 Haru
1986.05.19[18:30] Event at Shibuya Jan Jan (Tokyo)
1989.03.04-1989.03.05[15:00/10:00] 6th Anime Festival at Aoyama Kodomo no Shiro
1990.03.03-1990.03.047th Nihon Anime Festival
2005.05.27-2005.05.29Animazement 2005
2017.05.28[13:00] Digimon Adventure tri Character Song event Animate Ikebukuro