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    2024 Jul 10
    Kayanomi 183
    2024 Jul 06
    Kayanomi 182
    2024 Jul 05
    Kuroki Honoka no Secret Show Room 95
    2024 Jul 03
    Emiri Miyu to Issho ni Granblue 149
    2024 Jul 02
    NPNL (Inami Anju)
    2024 Jun 29
    Radii (harmoe)
    2024 Jun 27
    Hibiki Style+ Namahousou 6/21
    2024 Jun 24
    I Have Controller 6/15
    2024 Jun 22
    Game the Hinaland 16
    2024 Jun 20
    Ai for You! (i*Ris)
    2024 Jun 19
    Happy no Hiketsu (Kumada Akane)
    2024 Jun 15
    Gamers Guild 84
    2024 Jun 13
    The Idolmaster Cinderella Master Winter and Window
    2024 Jun 12
    rotoridori (Pastel Palettes)
    2024 Jun 12
    Tokyo Byakuya (Uchida Maaya)
    2024 Jun 09
    Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 39
    2024 Jun 09
    Deep Blue (Aqours)
    2024 Jun 05
    Yoru Night -Thursday- 5/30
    2024 Jun 04
    Se-node! Hasunosora! 104 4
    2024 Jun 03
    Dengeki Game Live 130

    Seiyuu (voice actor) database

    This seiyuu database (声優データベース) contains information on Japanese voice actors (mainly for anime and games). There is information about their roles in anime and games, their appearances in magazines, books, CDs, CDROMs, DVDs/LDs/videos, TV shows, radio shows, Internet broadcasts, events, and games.

    This database is being organized by Hitoshi Doi, and contains contributions by LOTS of people. Some of the information here is loosely related to my anime pages. Special care has been taken to verify the information, but there may be some mistakes.

    Many parts of the individual pages are being generated by the various seiyuu database files.

    You can see which parts of this seiyuu database have been updated recently in the monthly information updates page.

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