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Shinomiya Rino events

Some of the events that Rino has appeared in are as follows.

2002.11.04[14:30] Happy Holiday vol 3 "talk"
2003.03.10[19:30] Iki Nuki Night Party vol 2
2003.06.25[19:30] Iki Nuki Night Party vol 5
2003.06.26[19:30] Marvel Yell Live "Joining"
2003.07.06[14:30] Happy Holiday vol 11
2003.07.23[19:00] Marvel Yell Live Joining
2003.08.08[19:30] Come on a Shizunchi vol 3
2003.08.15[19:30] Miyano Shizu Happy Birthday 1st Solo Live
2003.08.15-2003.08.17Comic Market 64 X-tend Booth
2003.08.16[13:00] Comic Market 64 Meru Puri stage
2003.09.15[14:30] Happy Holiday 1st Anniversary Special
2003.09.28[15:00] Marvel Yell Live Joining Super Live
2003.11.05[19:30] Ikinuki Night Party vol 10
2003.11.08[19:00] Joining Square Grand Opening Live
2003.12.19[19:30] Come on a Shizunchi 7
2003.12.21[18:00] Rino and Yoko presents Xmas Dream Party
2004.02.14[14:00] Happy Holiday vol 18 St. Valentine's Special
2004.02.22[18:00] Ani Song Holiday 2
2004.03.20[14:30] Happy Holiday
2004.03.28[18:00] Ani Song Holiday