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    Tachibana Rika Internet broadcasts

    Some of the internet that Rika has appeared in are as follows.

    2016.04.15-2019.09.25Rikagaku Kenkyuujo Kouhoushitsu [recorded]host
    2016.06.23Denpa Laboratory 2guest
    2017.03.02Cinderella Special Night x9 [live]host
    2017.04.26Yoshimura Haruka no Maniac Date 3guest
    2017.05.11Chou Animedia 34host
    2017.05.24Yoshimura Haruka no Maniac Date 4guest
    2017.06.13Chou Animedia 35host
    2017.06.27Alternative Girls Commit 25host
    2017.07.18Alternative Girls Commit 26host
    2017.07.30Alternative Girls 1st Anniversary Fan Kanshasai [live]guest
    2017.08.24Alternative Girls Commit 28host
    2017.08.29Toriseka 17guest
    2017.09.14Chou Animedia 38host
    2017.09.26Alternative Girls Commit 30host
    2017.10.10Seiyuu Anizatsudan 76guest
    2017.10.12Chou Animedia 39host
    2017.10.24Alternative Girls Commit 32host
    2017.10.268 Gatsu no Cinderella Nine 2host
    2017.11.09Chou Animedia 40host
    2017.11.28Alternative Girls Commit 34host
    2017.12.12Alternative Girls Commit 35host
    2017.12.14Chou Animedia 41host
    2017.12.26Alternative Girls Commit 36host
    2018.01.11Chou Animedia 42host
    2018.01.16Alternative Girls Commit 37host
    2018.01.27Alternative Girls Hitomi Gakuen New Year Party [live]guest
    2018.02.08Chou Animedia 43host
    2018.02.13Alternative Girls Commit 38host
    2018.02.15Tachibana Rika Debut Mini Album "Flora" Hatsubai Kinen Tokubanhost
    2018.02.21Princess Connect! Re:Dive Release Chokuzen Namahousouhost
    2018.03.044 Shuunen Chokuzen Namahousou! Granblue Anniversary SPguest
    2018.03.08Chou Animedia 44host
    2018.03.13Princess Connect! Re:Dive Release 1ka Getsu Kinen Namahousouhost
    2018.03.15Cinderella Girls Dere Sute Night x15 [live]video
    2018.03.27Alternative Girls Commit 41host
    2018.04.10Chou Animedia 45host
    2018.04.26Alternative Girls Commit 43host
    2018.05.10Chou Animedia 46host
    2018.05.28Gorgeous@Revolution 4guest
    2018.05.29Alternative Girls Commit 45host
    2018.06.01Karaoke Max Tokuban [live]guest
    2018.06.14Chou Animedia 47host
    2018.07.12Chou Animedia 48host
    2018.07.14Alternative Girls 2 Shuunen Kinen Kanshasaiguest
    2018.07.18Karaoke Max Chokuzen Niconama [live]guest
    2018.08.09Chou Animedia 49host
    2018.08.23Denjin Gacha "Anicha"guest
    2018.08.27Gorgeous@Revolution 10guest
    2018.08.28d Studio 51guest
    2018.09.06Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-guest
    2018.09.13Chou Animedia 50host
    2018.09.25d Studio 52guest
    2018.10.11Chou Animedia 51host
    2018.11.06Karaoke Max Tokuban [live]guest
    2018.11.07Chou Animedia 52host
    2018.11.22Alternative Girls Station 2host
    2018.12.13Chou Animedia 53host
    2019.01.10Chou Animedia 54host
    2019.01.28Gorgeous@Revolution 20guest
    2019.02.10Futon Channel 1st Anniversary namahousouguest
    2019.02.14Chou Animedia 55host
    2019.02.14Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-guest
    2019.02.21Cinderella Girls Dere Sute Night x26 [live]host
    2019.02.28Emiri Miyu to Issho ni Granblueguest
    2019.03.078 Gatsu no Cinderella Nine 8guest
    2019.03.14Chou Animedia 56host
    2019.04.11Chou Animedia 57host
    2019.04.25Nama SINoALICE GW Chokuzen Reiwa Chokuzen SPguest
    2019.05.088 Beat Story News 42host
    2019.05.09Chou Animedia 58host
    2019.05.13Gorgeous@Revolution 27guest
    2019.05.27Gorgeous@Revolution 28video
    2019.06.13Chou Animedia 59host
    2019.06.16Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Producer-san Kanshasaiguest
    2019.06.21Alternative Girls Station 9host
    2019.07.11Chou Animedia 60host
    2019.07.18Lady Luck Club 105guest
    2019.07.23Toriseka 40guest
    2019.08.08Chou Animedia 61host
    2019.08.098 Gatsu no Cinderella Nine 11guest
    2019.08.26Alternative Girls Station 10host
    2019.09.12Chou Animedia 62host
    2019.09.24d Studio 64guest
    2019.09.27Alternative Girls Station 11host
    2019.10.04Rikagaku Kenkyuujo Kouhoushitsu Zangyou Namahousouhost
    2019.10.25Alternative Girls Station 12host
    2019.11.29Alternative Girls Station 13host
    2019.12.27Alternative Girls Station 14host
    2020.01.17Alternative Girls Station 15host
    2020.03.098 Gatsu no Cinderella Nine 14host
    2020.03.26Alternative Girls Station 17host
    2020.04.05Hachi Sama 4 Hachi Sama Mukankyaku Haishin Liveguest
    2020.04.24Alternative Girls Station 18guest (zoom)
    2020.05.29Alternative Girls Station 19guest (zoom)
    2020.06.258 Gatsu no Cinderella Nine 3 Shuunen Chokuzen Special Partyhost
    2020.06.26Alternative Girls Station 20guest (zoom)
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