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    Tokunaga Ai events (2001)

    Some of the events that Ai has appeared in during the year 2001 are as follows.

    2001.01.06Tokunaga Ai stage at Amazing Square
    2001.01.20Missing Diamond event in Animate Sendai
    2001.01.27Missing Diamond event in Animate Kichijoji
    2001.01.31Tsuki Ichi Mattari Show vol 3
    2001.02.04Missing Diamond event in Shinseido Ikebukuro Alpa
    2001.02.17Missing Diamond event in Animate Sapporo
    2001.02.24[14:00] Missing Diamond event Animate Kyobashi
    2001.02.24[17:00] Missing Diamond event Animate Kyoto
    2001.02.25Missing Diamond event Animate Nagoya
    2001.03.10-2001.03.124th Fan no Tsudoi in Seoul
    2001.03.17[14:00] Missing Diamond event in Animate Ikebukuro
    2001.04.08What is your Diamond?
    2001.06.30Girls' Pop Night in Live Inn Magic
    2001.07.20[15:30] Tsuri Iko! event at Yamagiwa Soft
    2001.08.04Matsuri DA OBS Anime Summer Special 2001 public recording in Oita
    2001.08.12Anime Japan Fes 2001 The Auction
    2001.11.18[15:00] Idol 109 part III
    2001.12.07U-sen Can System Sound Soup public recording
    2001.12.08[12:00] Mahou Yuugi CD event in Ishimaru Soft One
    2001.12.08[18:00] Mahou Yuugi Mezase! Majokko Wonderland in Yamagiwa Soft
    2001.12.15[15:30] Mahou Yuugi event in Animate Hamamatsu
    2001.12.16[11:00] Mahou Yuugi event in Animate Kyoto
    2001.12.16[15:00] Mahou Yuugi event in Animate Abeno Belta
    2001.12.23[14:00] Mahou Yuugi event in Kanpa Health Plaza
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