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Tokunaga Ai events (2004)

Some of the events that Ai has appeared in during the year 2004 are as follows.

2004.02.22[12:30/14:30] Mystic Housoubu Secret Event
2004.03.12[19:00] Tokunaga Ai Debut 5 Shuunen Kinen & Birthday Event
2004.03.27[14:00] Cosplay Award 2004 at TFT
2004.04.04[15:00] "Carry Out Revolution Music Clip vol 1" at Animate Ikebukuro
2004.04.11[14:00] CD "Colorful Makiato 1" talk show in Animate Nagoya
2004.04.17[14:00] Colorful Machiato 1 mini live and talk
2004.04.18[15:00] "Carry Out Revolution music clip" event in Animate Sannomiya
2004.04.20[16:15] Akihabara Jouhoukyoku 11th public recording
2004.06.26[13:00] CD "Scarlet" event
2004.07.01[20:00] Oretachi no Mangadou public recording
2004.07.04[12:00] CD "Scarlet" talk and mini live at Ishimaru Soft One
2004.07.10[11:00] "Scarlet" CD event
2004.07.10[15:00] "Scarlet" CD event
2004.07.11[11:00] "Scarlet" CD event
2004.07.11[15:00] "Scarlet" CD event
2004.07.31[12:30] Colorful Machiato Character Song Shuu talk/live
2004.08.13[13:00] Comic Market 66 Lams Booth handshake session
2004.09.23[13:00] Beat Pop 5 in Hatsudai The Doors
2004.10.23[11:30] Tokyo Kokusai Entertainment Market 2004 Imagica/Lams booth
2004.10.23[12:15] Tokyo Kokusai Entertainment Market 2004 Imagica/Lams booth
2004.12.29[14:00] Comic Market 67 Lams booth
2004.12.30[13:00] Comic Market 67 Lams booth
2004.12.30[15:30] Comic Market 67 Web Gendai MouRa booth