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Toyosaki Aki events (2011)

Some of the events that Aki has appeared in during the year 2011 are as follows.

2011.01.16[13:00] Otome Youkai Zakuro event Yokohama Blitz
2011.01.16[17:00] Otome Youkai Zakuro event Yokohama Blitz
2011.01.29[15:30] Toyosaki Aki no Music Rainbow 01 Nakano Sun Plaza
2011.02.20[16:00] K-On!! Live Event Come With Me!! Saitama Super Arena
2011.05.01[13:00/18:00] Mitsudomoe Fes Zouryouchuu! Stella Ball
2011.06.04[14:30/18:30] Toyosaki Aki Convert "Love Your Live" Nakano Sun Plaza
2011.06.12[17:00] Toyosaki Aki Concert "Love Your Live" Aichi
2011.06.25[13:00/17:00] Toyosaki Aki concert "Love Your Live" at Sannomiya
2011.07.02[23:00] Hanasaki Iroha talk show and public recording TOHO Cinema Roppongi Hills
2011.09.17[18:00] Sphere Live 2011 Athletic Harmonies Dangerous Stage
2011.09.18[18:00] Sphere Live 2011 Athletic Harmonies Climax Stage
2011.10.30[14:00/18:00] Yuru Yuri Recital Yokohama Blitz
2011.11.12[16:00/17:00] "High Powered" Tokyo ocean cruising event
2011.11.27[11:30] K-On! Houkago Tea Time in Universal Studio Japan
2011.12.03[21:00] A&G Chou Radio Show Anispa public recording
2011.12.04[16:00] Lisani! Live 2011