Tsujitani Kouji events

Some of the events that Kouji has appeared in are as follows.

1993.08.11Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Toshima Koukaidou
1993.08.17Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Nagoya
1993.08.23Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Kyoto
1995.04.293x3 Eyes in Tokyo
1995.05.073x3 Eyes in Osaka
1995.08.013x3 Eyes Stage
1997.11.30Val Project My Dream -special vocal live-
1998.11.29Grander Musashi RV live
1999.02.28Tachiki Fumihiko Live in Shibuya Nest
1999.05.16Tamgawa Sakiko live in Shibuya Nest

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