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  • Akikan Animenoato Corner

    Program Akikan Animenoatono Corner
    Akikan Animenoatono Corner R
    Dates 2009.01.03 - 2009.03.28
    Host Narita Sayaka
    Seiyuu Ohkubo Aiko
    Fukuyama Jun
    Toyosaki Aki (豊崎愛生)
    Noto Mamiko (能登麻美子)
    Yuuki Aoi (悠木碧)
    Toyoguchi Megumi
    Okiayu Ryoutarou (置鮎龍太郎)
    Okamoto Nobuhiko

    The Akikan Animenoato Corner (AAC) is a 5 minute live-action segment that was aired right after each episode of the Akikan TV anime. The host of AAC was Narita Sayaka. The name of this corner changed to Akikan Animenoato Corner R in episode 7.

    In addition to the AAC, Akikan Episode 6.5 (broadcast 2009.02.14) was a 30 minute live-action special by Akikan seiyuu and musicians.

    There were a few sub-corners in the AAC: Music Now, Akikan! na Hitobito, Akikan no Genten, Akikan wo Shiru.

    Music Now

    The Music Now corner were interviews/messages by the musicians related to the Akikan anime.

    episode musicians
    Episode 1 Charmy Queen (ちゃーみーくいーん)
    Episode 2 Nomiko (のみこ)
    Episode 3 Nomiko
    Episode 4 Nomiko
    Episode 5 Nomiko
    Episode 6 Charmy Queen
    Episode 7 Little Non (Nozomi)
    Episode 8 Charmy Queen, Nomiko
    Episode 9 Nomiko
    Episode 10 Nomiko
    Episode 11 Nomiko
    Episode 12 Nomiko

    Akikan! na Hitobito

    The Akikan! na Hitobito (アキカン!な人々) corner were short interviews/messages by the staff and cast of the Akikan anime.

    episode people
    Episode 1 Mr. Himaki (director)
    Episode 2 Fukuyama Jun (seiyuu)
    Episode 3 Mr. Nojima (advertising producer)
    Episode 4 Toyosaki Aki (seiyuu)
    Episode 5 Noto Mamiko (seiyuu)
    Episode 6 Yuuki Aoi (seiyuu)
    Episode 7 Mr. Takadera (sound director)
    Episode 8 Ohkubo Aiko (seiyuu)
    Episode 9 Okamoto Nobuhiko (seiyuu)
    Episode 10 Okiayu Ryoutarou (seiyuu)
    Episode 11 Toyoguchi Megumi (seiyuu)
    Episode 12 Narita Sayaka

    Akikan no Genten

    In the Akikan no Genten (アキカン!の原点) corner, Ohkubo Aiko (大久保藍子) read some lines from the Akikan novel. Most of these lines are pretty erotic. Aiko also wears many different costumes while reading the lines.

    Akikan wo Shiru

    In the Akikan wo Shiru corner, Narita Sayaka gives some information on "akikan" (empty cans).

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