AniGe- Eleven 45

Program AniGe Eleven (失瓦必□↗奶伊皮件) 45
Date 2016.08.18
Host Kubo Yurika (菁忡交伉市)
Guests Ogiwara Satoshi
Video Aisaka Yuuka (鍬箔穸統)

The guests for AniGe Eleven broadcast 45 were Ogiwara Satoshi (game creator) and Rion (talent, model). Ogiwara Satoshi was the creator of the smartphone game Summons Board. Rion was the 19 year old girl who appeared at events to promote this game.

They talked about Rion herself and the Summons Board game.

The first video report was about ACGHK 2016, an anime/game event that took place in Hong Kong. They showed parts of the Gundam and Star Wars booths. There were also many videos of the cosplayers.

The second video report was about the CD event by Aisaka Yuuka, that took place in Animate. There were some clips of her singing, as well as a video message by Yuuka.

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