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  • AniGe- Eleven 55

    Program AniGe Eleven (アニゲー☆イレブン) 55
    Date 2016.10.27
    Host Kubo Yurika (久保ユリカ)
    Guests Animate producers
    Video Serizawa Yuu (芹澤優)
    Igarashi Hiromi
    Takada Yuuki (高田憂希)
    Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
    Ohno Yuuko (大野柚布子)
    Kuwahara Yuuki (桑原由気)
    Takai Maika
    Nakamura Sakura
    Shimizu Ayaka
    Shimotsuki Haruka

    The guests for AniGe Eleven broadcast 55 were the advertising producer of Animate, and two other staff for the Animate Girls Festival event.

    Most of the talk was about the AGF (Animate Girls Festival). The AGF is an event that takes place in Ikebukuro, that features anime, games, and comics for girls.

    This year's AGF will take place on November 5th and 6th.

    The video report was about the Machi Asobi vol. 17 event that took place in Tokushima between October 8 and 10 (2016).
    This was the second part of the Machi Asobi report. The first part was shown during broadcast 54.

    There were many clips of seiyuu events, and the seiyuu featured were as follows.

    • Serizawa Yuu (signing session)
    • Igarashi Hiromi and Takada Yuuki (selling goods at the Mausu Promotion booth)
    • Ohno Yuuko, Kuwahara Yuuki, Takai Maika, Hata Sawako (Tenka Hyakken event)
    • Nakamura Sakura, Shimizu Ayaka, Mori Chisato, Michii Haruka (Morimichi Byouin event)
    • Shimotsuki Haruka (live)

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