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  • BanG Dream Countdown Party

    Program BanG Dream Countdown Party
    Air Date 2017.01.14
    SeiyuuPoppin' Party

    This program was broadcast one week before the start of the TV anime BanG Dream.
    There was another special broadcast the previous week.

    The five main seiyuu for the anime (Poppin' Party) were wearing the brown school uniforms, and were sitting in a room.

    All five seiyuu introduced their own characters, and there was some talk about BanG Dream and the characters.

    Then there was a "studio live", which was recorded in a studio. They sang "Star Beat", and this was the full length version.

    There will be a BanG Dream smartphone game coming out in the spring.

    The opening song to the TV anime will be released as Poppin' Party's 4th single.

    At the end, they showed some scenes from episode 1 of the anime.

    Ohtsuka Sae
    Ohtsuka Sae
    Nishimoto Rimi
    Nishimoto Rimi
    Ohhashi Ayaka
    Ohhashi Ayaka
    Itou Ayasa
    Itou Ayasa

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