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  • Gekiten

    Program Gekiten (Ź)
    Station TBS (channel 6)
    When Monday, 27:27 - 28:00
    RegularsYamamoto Maria (Τ)
    Shintani Ryouko (ëɻ)
    Mieno Hitomi
    Kobyashi Osamu

    This TV show started in 2004, and is a show aimed at otaku featuring rare items from anime/games/seiyuu/idols. They show off the goods on the show, and they sell it via the on-line shop and via telephone order. The regulars on this show are Yamamoto Maria, Shintani Ryoko, Mieno Hitomi, and Kobayashi Osamu. Maria, Ryoko, and Hitomi wear colorful maid/waitress outfits, and most of the show is filmed at a restaurant.

    Each week there is a seiyuu or idol guest, and they spend several minutes talking with the guest.

    The official web page was at http://www.tbsshopping.com/gekiten/, but it disappeared after the TV show ended.

    Nagasawa Nao was the guest on the 2004.02.23 episode of Gekiten. She talked about her upcoming CD XOXOXO (Kiss Kiss Kiss).

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