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  • Mayonaka no Hyakkaten 45

    Program Mayonaka no Hyakkaten (ɴŹ) 45
    Date 2016.02.14
    Seiyuu Ohtsuka Akio ()
    Hata Sawako (»)
    Featured products handmade shoes

    The featured products in this episode were handmade shoes.

    Sawako was still in the store. She was eating chocolates. It seems she is staying as the new stylist.

    Someone left a mysterious letter underneath the front door. There were instructions and a lot of money for shoes. They didn't know who had left the letter, but the letter instructed them to leave the goods outside.

    Akio planned to keep an eye on the front door to find out who it was, but he fell asleep. So they didn't know who had taken the shoes.

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