Mayonaka no Hyakkaten

Program Mayonaka no Hyakkaten (ɴŹ)
Station BS Japan
When Tuesdays, 23:00 - 23:30
Duration April 2016 - March 2017
Regular seiyuu Ohtsuka Akio ()
Semi-Regular Hata Sawako (») (2017.01.31-2017.03.21)

Mayonaka no Hyakkaten is a 30 minute TV live action program featuring Ohtsuka Akio. The story takes place in the middle of the night in a large department store. There are "spirits" that live in a department store who prepare special high end goods for certain customers.

In each episode there is a certain product which is featured, and part of each show is dedicated to showing the product and the people behind making the product.

Akio plays the role of the concierge, and there are a few other regulars.

Hata Sawako appeared as a guest character (in the role of the stylist) in episodes 43 to 50.

Some of the broadcasts are as follows.

broadcast date guest cast
43 2017.01.31 Hata Sawako
44 2017.02.07 Hata Sawako
45 2017.02.14 Hata Sawako
46 2017.02.21 Hata Sawako
47 2017.02.28 Hata Sawako
48 2017.03.07 Hata Sawako
49 2017.03.14 Hata Sawako
50 2017.03.21 Hata Sawako

The story takes place at the main Isetan Department store in Shinjuku. It seems they film this series in the middle of the night when the store is closed.

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