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  • Idol Memories 1

    Program Idol Memories 1 Shiritsu Kanon Gakuen Homeroom
    Date 2016.10.02
    Seiyuu Toyota Moe (˭˨)
    Hayase Marika (轲)
    Kimura Yuu
    Kohara Riko
    Sagara Mayu
    Aoki Ruriko

    This was the first broadcast of Idol Memories, and the live action Shiritsu Kanon Gakuen Homeroom corner featuring the six main seiyuu.

    The six seiyuu were wearing the group outfits of their characters. Moe, Marika, and Yuu were wearing the StarRing outfits, Riko, Mayu, and Ruriko were wearing the Shadow outfits.

    They drew cards to see who would be the emcee for this broadcast. Toyota Moe "won".

    There was a simple quiz about Idol Memories.

    At the end, they had the Chinese lessons 1 and 2, by Mayu and Marika.

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