Music Japan - 2010.08.01

Program Music Japan
Air Date 2010.08.01
Time 18:10 - 18:40
Appearances Nanjou Yoshino (갦ǵ)
Chihara Minori (Τ)
Mizuki Nana (ࡹ)

The August 1, 2010 broadcast of Music Japan was the first half of the Shinseiki Anison SP3. The second half was aired on August 8, 2010.

The seiyuu that appeared (performed on stage or video clips shown) were as follows.

  • Nanjou Yoshino (fripside)
    They showed some video clips of fripside's radio show.
    fripside performed live and sang "Only My Railgun".
  • Chihara Minori
    They showed a "making of" video of Minori's latest promo video, which was shot in Okinawa.
    Minori performed live and sang "Freedom Dreamer".
  • Mizuki Nana
    They showed some clips from Nana's Seibu Dome Concert. (Nana singing and dancing "Heartcatch Paradise".)
In addition to the seiyuu, Takahashi Youko sang "Zankoku na Tenshi no Teze".

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