Music Jump - 1998.11.08

Air Date/Time 1998.11.08, 18:00 - 19:00
Guest Sakurai Tomo ()
Song Glass no Marion
  • Information by Johann Chua, 2000.02.18

Tomo Sakurai came on during the talk segment. She was wearing a light pink dress, very frilly. Her hair was a little bouffant. She had a black choker necklace with a diamond hanging in front.

She performed Glass no Marion from her new album 12 no Senritsu. She was accompanied by a violinist (Nakanishi...couldn't make out his given name) and a dancer moving like a music box ballerina. The lights were turned down and the stage was covered with fog from dry ice.

Tomo also did a little voice acting exercise (something about "Ukkiki") with MJ Party for the last segment of the show, From MJ-P.

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