Sphere Special on M-On! TV part 2

Title Sphere Special on M-On! TV part 2
Air Date 2010.08.15
Time 24:00 - 24:30
Guest Tomatsu Haruka (;)
Kotobuki Minako (ڻ)
Takagaki Ayahi ()
Toyosaki Aki (˭갦)

There was a special TV program about the seiyuu group Sphere (ե). The special was made up of clips from the Sphere promo videos, video clips from past events, and interviews. The special was broken up into three 30 minute parts, and aired on July 18, August 15, and September 19, 2010.

In the second part, they showed many clips of their recent concert tour, Sphere Rings Live Tour 2010 (from April 18 to July 25). They also showed a "making of" for the promo video of their latest single, Now Loading...SKY. Then they showed half of the promo video.

Since their concerts sold out too quickly and there were many people who wanted to see them, there was a 3D live broadcast of their 7/25 concert. They showed a large portion of the songs "Princess Code" and "Now Loading..SKY" from the concert.

Toyosaki Aki's hair is short in the clips from the 7/25 concert. VERY VERY CUTE! She must have cut her hair between the interview and 7/25.

For the interviews, the girls wore non-matching clothes, and they talked about their concerts and events of 2010.

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