Sphere Special on M-On! TV part 3

Title Sphere Special on M-On! TV part 3
Air Date 2010.09.19
Time 24:00 - 24:30
Guest Tomatsu Haruka (;)
Kotobuki Minako (ڻ)
Takagaki Ayahi ()
Toyosaki Aki (˭갦)

There was a special TV program about the seiyuu group Sphere (ե). The special was made up of clips from the Sphere promo videos, video clips from past events, and interviews. The special was broken up into three 30 minute parts, and aired on July 18, August 15, and September 19, 2010.

In the third part, they started by showing a little bit of a "making of" for the promo video of their next single, Moon Signal. Then they showed the first half of the promo video.

In the making of and the actual video, I noticed that Aki's hair is very light brown! She must have dyed her hair.. (;_;) She looks much better with darker hair.

Next they showed some videos of the girls recording their web radio show, "Planet Sphere".

Then there were interviews of each girl individually for their solo singles. Minako released Shiny+ (shiny plus), Ayahi released Kimi ga Iru Basho, Haruka released Nagisa no Shooting Star, and Aki released Boku wo Sagashite.

All four of them will release their next solo singles in November.

Then they showed clips of their performance in the AniSummer 2010 concert, which took place on August 28. There were backstage videos and some clips from the songs, "Now Loading Sky" and "Super Noisy Nova".

Then they talked about their upcoming concert in the Budoukan on November 23. There were interviews of some of the Sphere staff (song writers, stylist).

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