Ezaki Productions Festival


MMVP-0001 (VHS)
4800 yen
released 1996.04.22

color, about 65 minutes, HiFi, Stereo

This is a video tape of the Ezaki Productions Festival event that took place on 1995.12.22. It contains most of the stage portion. But some of it was cut out.

This contains an original song Haru no Kaze ga Fuiteitara (春の風が吹いていたら) by Ohtani Ikue (大谷育江), Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子), Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子).

The contents are as follows.

  • A quick scan of the seiyuu who sang songs. [0:30]
    (There was narration introducing the following skit, not the songs.)
  • The three sisters skit. [6:00]
    (Hikami Kyoko, Inoue Kikuko, Ohtani Ikue)
  • The Bad Guys of Anime skit. [12:45]
    (lots of seiyuu who do the roles of the bad guys)
  • The three sisters skit. [3:15]
  • The Christmas Cake Seller skit. [5:15]
    (Soumi Yoko, Kita Akemi, Kamei Yoshiko)
  • The three sisters skit. [3:45]
  • The Christmas Tree skit. [9:10]
    (Naya Rokurou, Ohtsuka Akio)
  • The Police Box skit. [9:30]
    (Madono Mitsuaki and many others)
  • The three sisters skit. [2:00]
  • Christmas songs by all seiyuu. [7:30]
  • A making of clip. [1:30]
    (Clips of various seiyuu coming to the event, and the male seiyuu practicing the Christmas songs in the dressing room.)
  • Haru no Kaze ga Fuiteitara [5:30]
    (The song was an original song, but the video clip was the video of Ohtani Ikue [black outfit], Hikami Kyoko [white outfit], Inoue Kikuko [red china dress] singing at the event. The video was matched so that the video clip matched the person singing each verse.)
    (At the end, they showed a short clip of all of the seiyuu who sang songs.)

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