No Tear No Live 2008

Ai Nonaka's No Tear No Live 2008

KIBM-175, KIBM-176
released 2008.08.06
6510 yen
130 min + 44 min
single side/2 layer
mpeg2, region 2

This DVD contains the video from the concert by Nonaka Ai (野中藍) that took place on April 2008 in Shibuya O-East.

The first pressing comes in a cardboard box case, and contains a 28 page all color photo booklet.

Many of the songs are from Ai's latest album Namida no Kiseki.

The songs on the DVD are as follows.
  1. ウレシ泣キ
  2. Love@Messenger (AI-rock ver.)
  3. あ・り・え・な・い!
  4. 夜明けのチャーム
  5. CACAO85
  6. アマノジャク
  7. anime song medley (and dance)
  8. 黒猫の瞳
  9. ひとりぼっち
  10. キラリ
  11. Maybe?
  12. fairy
  13. どんなときだって
  14. チアルーガ
  15. ピース!
  17. ありがとう
  18. 幸せの種
  19. 夢のドライブ
The second DVD contains
  • Live Backstage
  • Paint for live (extended version)
  • promo version "Amanojaku" (another version)
All of the concert videos and making of videos are 16:9 aspect. The Amanojaku PV is 4:3 aspect with black bands across the top and bottom.

The first two minutes of the anime song medley is just dancing by the dancers. Ai's songs (a little less than 7 minutes) were as follows.

  • Gouin ni Mai Yeah (Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei)
  • Zessei Bijin (Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei)
  • Love Sensation (Negima)
  • Kiiroi Vacances (Pani Poni Dash)
  • Bakakkuru (Negima)

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