Video/LD/DVD : PCVP52594/PCLP00702/PCBP00107
4500 yen each, 25 minutes
released 1999.05.19

This DVD contains music videos by Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子).

[information provided by "CuSO4" Yung]

Track List

  1. Anokoro
  2. Douzo Yoroshikune
  3. Haru
  4. Wagauchi ha Nandaka Hawaiian
  5. Chocolate no Uta
The first 3 tracks contain the music video of the songs in her newest album Mizuumi.

The last 2 tracks contain the video clips used during her earlier Haru no Pokka Poka Tour concert.

In between track 3 and 4, there is a short video clip of her live performance of her Osaka concert - Osaka no Uta.

In between all the tracks, some video cameo of her arriving Osaka by train, rehearsal of the Osaka concert, and behind the concert stage.

BTW, earlier Hitoshi said that in the mini skirt scene during the concert, she actually wear a shorts and had a cloth covering it to make it seems like a mini skirt.

Looking at the photo on p.108 of Voice Animage 26 and the video clip in Tansuigyo, Hitoshi is 100% correct. Hitoshi, we were in the 23rd row and you can see this kind of detail, I am very amazed!

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