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  • Sakurai Tomo no Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan

    Sakurai Tomo no Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan
    (Sakurai Tomo's Yearning to Become a Seiyuu)

    Pony Canyon PCVP-12092 (VHS)
    Pony Canyon PCLP-00644 (LD)
    5800 yen (VHS/LD)
    released 1997.03.26
    approximately 56 minutes

    Sakurai Tomo-san appears in the role as Isakura Tomoko-chan, a high school girl trying to fulfill her dream to be a seiyuu. The action is a parody on the training and work of voice actors and actresses.

    Included is an interlude with a music video version of "Seishun - Ano Koro" (Youth - In Those Days) and a credits song "Kibou - Kore Kara" (Hope - From This).

    The movie is quite short, and a fair part of the video is about the making of the movie, including bloopers and outtakes.

    The movie was written and directed by Asakura Kaoru-san.

    Appearing in the movie are: Sakurai Tomo (), Yamadera Kouichi (), Tominaga Miina (ڱʤߡ), Kumagai Niina, Iwase Yuuji, Takanaka Noichi.

    [information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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