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    Sakurai Tomo DVDs/Blurays/videos

    Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Tomo has appeared in are as follows.

    1988.01.21Lemon Angel 3 (V78F8209)Song, Talk
    1988.02.21Lemon Angel 4 (V78F8217)Song, Talk
    1988.07.01Lemon Angel Abunai Video TV 1 (V68F8251)Song, Talk
    1988.09.02Lemon Angel Abunai Video TV 2 (V68F9607)Song, Talk
    1988.12.??Lemon Angel Abunai Video TV 3 (V68F9620)Song, Talk
    1988.??.??Lemon Angel Omoikkiri Meippai (fanclub only)Song, Talk
    1988.??.??Lemon Angel Valentine Aid in Harajuku (35L001)Song, Talk
    1989.05.21Lemon Angel Party Now (G56M0323 V56M1866)Song, Talk
    1995.09.??Video de AnimeV (magazine present)Song
    1995.??.??Tomo Natsu 95 (fanclub only)Song
    1996.06.25Momo no Princess (PIVA-1050 PILA-1369)Skit
    1996.11.21Tomo Natsu 96 Live (VIVL-187 VILL-115)Song
    1997.03.26Sakurai Tomo no Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan (PCVP-12092 PCLP-00644)Talk
    1997.07.02Distance (PCLP-00691 PCVP-52145)concert
    1997.12.03Tomo Natsu 97 (PCVG-50455 PCLG-00053)Song
    1997.??.??Gall Force the Revolution Special Video (XBVW-91002)event
    1998.04.22Jitterbug (PILL-5124 PIVL-5134)Skit
    1998.08.??Shounen no Rinkaku [VHS]live performance
    1998.11.18Tomo Natsu 98 (PCLP-690 PCVP-52476)Song
    1998.12.1813 Banme no Senritsu [LD/VHS] (PCLP-00691 PCVP-52491)story reading
    1999.02.17Glass Koujou ni Serenade (PCVP-52526 PCLP-00694)live performance
    1999.11.17Tomo Natsu '99 Summer Special Stage (PCBP-00158)Song
    2000.02.03Kessen (ANEC-27018)interview, dubbing
    2000.04.25Sakurai Tomo Christmas Fantasy Live 1999 (BIBE-1220 BIVE-1220)Song, Talk
    2002.??.??Mighty Lady Virginal Volume 1 (ML-V-158)acting
    2008.01.21Tomo Natsu '07 [DVD]event
    2012.03.28Tomo Sakurai The 25th Anniversary Live (XNCG-12010)live video
    2020.02.20Sakurai Tomo Okaeri Tadaima Livelive video
    2020.02.22Sakurai Tomo Hong Kong Tourtravel video
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