Asakura Kaoru Engekidan Musical 1998

Pony Canyon PIVL-5134 (VHS)
Pony Canyon PILL-5124 (LD)
6500 yen (VHS/LD)
released 1998.04.22
approximately 110 minutes

This video contains the musical Jitterbug which was performed live on 1998.01.28 to 1998.02.01.

Sakurai Tomo () appears in the role as Saki-chan, a girl injured in a motorcycle accident with her boyfriend, Ken. They both end up in a near-death experience in a 1920's American-style nightclub called "Jitterbug", where the singers and musicians are similarly situated (not yet called to the heavens). Saki-chan, who had no training as a singer, learns to sing and makes friends, while in reality she fights for her life in the hospital.

The musical was written and directed by Asakura Kaoru. The songs of this musical were released (sung all solo by Sakurai Tomo) in the album Actress 'Jitterbug'.

The scenes are as follows.

  1. Before "Jitterbug"
  2. Prologue
  3. "Dance Dance Dance" (Opening Version) by Billy
  4. "Body Talks" by Billy, Saki-chan and Nancy
  5. "Jitterbug" by Billy and Nancy
  6. "I Wanna Be Free" by Saki-chan
  7. "Angel Descent" (Enka Version) by the Angels
  8. "Jitterbug" (Instrumental)
  9. "Lip Off" by Nancy
  10. "Jitterbug" by Saki-chan
  11. "Angel Descent" (Country-Western Version) by the Angels
  12. "Goodbye Saki-chan" by Ken
  13. "Why? It's Painful" (Instrumental)
  14. "Friends" by Bugu, Bagu and Saki-chan
  15. "Anniversary" by Nancy
  16. "Dance Dance Dance" (Full Version)
  17. "Angel Descent" (Gospel Version) by the Angels
  18. "Good-bye!" by Billy and Saki-chan
  19. "Jitterbug" (Debut Version) by Saki-chan
  20. Staff Credit ("Dance Dance Dance")
  21. After "Jitterbug" (Cast Interviews in Dressing Rooms)

Main and major supporting cast appearing in the musical are as follows.

Yoshimura SakiSakurai Tomo
BillyOkamoto Shin (Guest)
NancyNaomi Grace (Guest)
Charlie, on saxophoneSuzuki Akio (Guest)
BaguMoriya Hisoka
BaguNagasaki Moe
KenMuto Akihito
Michael (Angel)Takenaka Shinichiro
Raphael (Angel)Iwase Yuuji
Jophiel (Angel)Ohishi Shou

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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