Mighty Lady Virginal Volume 1

Mighty Lady Virginal Volume 1

Mighty Lady ML-V-158 (DVD)
Made in Singapore
6800 yen
released 2002.??.??
approximately 55 minutes

The feature is approximately 30 minutes, followed by an approximate 25 minute special about the making of the movie and interviews of the cast.

The movie involves action scenes around small-scale models, to give the impression that the characters are larger than life. This is an independent studio release, so it is very low budget.

Sakurai Tomo () appears as the captain of the forces on the good side, and Kitahara Maya, also of Ellestaff Promotion, appears at the end representing the enemy. Sakurai-san appears very serious in unusual costume (for her), a gray pantsuit with a dark blouse. It was great to see Sakurai-san in a rare movie appearance, having concentrated more on anime roles.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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