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  • Momo no Princess

    Momo no Princess (Peach Princess)

    Pioneer LDC PIVA-1050 (VHS)
    Pony Canyon PILA-1369 (LD)
    4944 yen (VHS/LD)
    released 1996.06.25
    approximately 83 minutes

    This video consists of a live musical performance of 1996.04.02 to 1996.04.07 by the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan. The musical was written and directed by Asakura Kaoru-san.

    The following songs are included.

    1. うれしいひなまつり (Happy Girls' Dolls' Festival) [sung by Sakurai Tomo]
    2. 君忘れじのマンハッタン・ジルバ (Your Forgotten Manhattan Jitterbug)
      [sung by Sakurai Tomo, Iwase Yuuji, and Satou Yoshiaki]
    3. Machine Gun Lullaby
      [sung by Yamagata Yukio, Iwase Yuuji, Satou Yoshiaki, and Moriya Hisoka]
    4. Dream [sung by Yamagata Yukio]
    5. 桃のプリンセス (Peach Princess) [sung by Sakurai Tomo]

    Sakurai Tomo-san actually has two roles, one as a robotic-like doll (Momoko) and the other as a vengeful villain (Sakurako). It is amazing how this was done, because it appeared to require a great deal of time to prepare the doll costume.

    Appearing are: Sakurai Tomo, Yamagata Yukio, Moriya Hisoka, Takenaka Shinichiro, Iwase Yuuji, Satou Yoshiaki, Hori Yuuji, Inotsume Naoyuki.

    After the performance is a joint interview with Sakurai Tomo-san and Yamagata Yukio-san, as well as interviews of the other cast in the dressing rooms. There is also some video of Sakurai-san recording the song "Momo no Princess". It is amazing how she changed her voice like a child for that recording.

    [information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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