Momo no Princess

Momo no Princess (Peach Princess)

Pioneer LDC PIVA-1050 (VHS)
Pony Canyon PILA-1369 (LD)
4944 yen (VHS/LD)
released 1996.06.25
approximately 83 minutes

This video consists of a live musical performance of 1996.04.02 to 1996.04.07 by the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan. The musical was written and directed by Asakura Kaoru-san.

The following songs are included.

  1. うれしいひなまつり (Happy Girls' Dolls' Festival) [sung by Sakurai Tomo]
  2. 君忘れじのマンハッタン・ジルバ (Your Forgotten Manhattan Jitterbug)
    [sung by Sakurai Tomo, Iwase Yuuji, and Satou Yoshiaki]
  3. Machine Gun Lullaby
    [sung by Yamagata Yukio, Iwase Yuuji, Satou Yoshiaki, and Moriya Hisoka]
  4. Dream [sung by Yamagata Yukio]
  5. 桃のプリンセス (Peach Princess) [sung by Sakurai Tomo]

Sakurai Tomo actually has two roles, one as a robotic-like doll (Momoko) and the other as a vengeful villain (Sakurako). It is amazing how this was done, because it appeared to require a great deal of time to prepare the doll costume.

Appearing are: SEIYULIST=, Sakurai Tomo, Yamagata Yukio, Moriya Hisoka, Takenaka Shinichiro, Iwase Yuuji, Satou Yoshiaki, Hori Yuuji, Inotsume Naoyuki.

After the performance is a joint interview with Sakurai Tomo and Yamagata Yukio, as well as interviews of the other cast in the dressing rooms. There is also some video of Tomo recording the song "Momo no Princess". It is amazing how she changed her voice like a child for that recording.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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