Tomo Natsu '07

TOMO Natsu '07
Live at Roppongi Viper Club

Sakurai Tomo Kouenkai (Ellestaff Promotion)
3800 yen
released 2008.01.21
approximately 70 minutes

This DVD contains the live solo concert performance of 2007.08.25 at Roppongi Viper Club, by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智).

Ellestaff Promotion is selling only 200 copies.

There were about 40 people attending each of two concert sessions. Members of the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan provided chorus and dance backup.

This was Tomo-chan's comeback concert, after having a few years break between full-length solo concerts. It was great to hear a concert version of "Kuchibeni" from the "12 Melodies" album for the first time.

The selections are as follows.

  1. GT夏少年 (GT Summer Boy)
  2. 恋のレシピは大胆不敵 (Love's Recipe Is Audacity)
  3. Interlude #1
  4. 明日をリアライズ (Realize Tomorrow)
  5. 太陽をあげたい (Want to Give the Sun)
  6. 心臓伝言 (Message in the Heart)
  7. Interlude #2
  8. Adventure Life
  9. オルゴォル (Music Box)
  10. くちべに (Lipstick)
  11. Interlude #3 and A Capella Selections
  12. 夏の絵本 (Summer Picture Book)
  13. あいたくてもあえない (Even If I Wanted to Meet I Cannot)
  14. 笑っちゃうけどスキ (I Like You Although You Laugh) (Encore)
  15. 流星 (Falling Star) (Encore)
  16. ひたすら前向きに (Earnestly Facing Forward) (Encore)
  17. Credits - 希望 [これから] (Music of "Hope From This")
[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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