TOMO Natsu '95

TOMO Natsu '95

Sakurai Tomo Kouenkai (Ellestaff Promotion)
in cooperation with Victor Entertainment (VHS)
???? yen
released 1995.??.??
approximately 96 minutes

This video contains the live solo concert performance of 1995.08.14, by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智).

Ellestaff Promotion told me that there were only about 100 copies produced, and that they do not even have one. I am very fortunate to have located a copy of this extremely rare limited-release video.

The selections are as follows.

  1. ちょっと幸福 (A Little Bit Happy)
  2. Baby, Baby
  3. GT夏少年 (GT Summer Boy)
  4. 小白竜 (Little White Dragon)
  5. 0G Love
  6. 私のはパイロット (My Boyfriend Is a Pilot)
  7. チャチャにおまかせ (Leave It to Chacha)
  8. 風下に, てやんでえ! (Down Wind, What the &*^# Are You Talking About?)
  9. Sunset Beach
  10. 太陽をあげたい (Want to Give the Sun)
  11. Handsome Girl
  12. 夏のMAJO (Summer Witch)
  13. Forever Dream
  14. 心臓伝言 (Message in the Heart)
  15. たそがれロンリー (Twilight Lonely)
  16. 9月の屋 (September Room)
  17. 2ミリ先は永遠 (2 Milli Ahead of Eternity)
  18. 月じゃない星じゃないくのは (It Is Not the Moon or Stars Shining)
  19. 愛・おぼえていますか (Do You Remember the Love?)
  20. My Friends (Encore)
  21. ちょっと幸福 (A Little Bit Happy) (Encore)
  22. Baby, Baby (Final Encore)
Tomo-chan was dressed as the Macross 7 character, Mylene Jenius, for the start of the concert. Before Selection 4, Tomo-chan picked up the pink and white bass guitar, as from the anime series. She gave a guitar solo, then accompanied by the band. She then played the bass guitar at parts of "Shaopairon" The microphone was even the same as from Macross 7. Being a fan of Sakurai-san originally from Macross 7, it was great to see a live representation of Mylene Jenius on stage.

Selections 10 through 15 are a dance medley. The medley closes with an nice high-energy instrumental version of "Taiyou o Agetai" with a guitar improvisation throughout.

During Selection 18, Tomo-chan introduced the band members, chorus and dancers. Each introduction was followed by a brief solo variation of the theme.

Before Selection 22, the curtain started to fall, and Tomo-chan stopped it and introduced the final encore.

This concert was featured in the Stage photobook.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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