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  • TOMO Natsu '96 Live

    TOMO Natsu '96 Live

    Victor VIVL-187 (VHS)
    Victor VILL-115 (LD)
    6800 yen (VHS/LD)
    released 1996.11.21
    approximately 90 minutes

    This video/DVD consists of a live Sakurai Tomo solo concert performance of 1996.08.18 at the Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo.

    The selections are as follows.
    1. TOMO 夏 1996 Overture (Instrumental)
    2. Actress
    3. My Friends
    4. ちょっと幸福 (A Little Bit Happy)
    5. Baby, Baby
    6. My Town
    7. 遠い風のレジェンド (Distant Wind's Legend)
    8. 花の咲く日々 (Every Day that Flowers Bloom)
    9. たそがれロンリー (Twilight Lonely)
    10. あいたくてもあえない (Even If I Wanted to Meet I Cannot)
    11. Bye Bye Lady
    12. 笑っちゃうけどスキ (I Like You Although You Laugh)
    13. 恋のレシピは大胆不敵 (Love's Recipe Is Audacity)
    14. GT夏少年 (GT Summer Boy)
    15. 心臓伝言 (Message in the Heart)
    16. ひたすら前向きに (Earnestly Facing Forward)
    17. 笑っちゃうけどスキ (I Like You Although You Laugh) (Encore)
    18. Don't Say Goodbye
    19. Epilogue "Curtain Call"

    The epilogue is set to the song "Curtain Call" sung by Tomo-chan with short silent clips from the concert and Tomo-chan's 25th Birthday Party event.

    [information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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