TOMO Natsu '97 in Odaiba

TOMO Natsu '97 in Odaiba
Sakurai Tomo 10th Anniversary Concert

Pony Canyon PCVG-50455 (VHS)
Pony Canyon PCLG-00053 (LD)
6720 yen (VHS/LD)
released 1997.12.03
approximately 80 minutes

This video/DVD contains the live solo concert performance of 1997.08.02 in Odaiba on an outdoor stage, by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智).

The video begins with a music video version of "Chase Your Dream". There are certain special video effects that distracted from the enjoyment, and there are not many good shots of Tomo-chan.

The selections are as follows.

  1. 太陽をあげたい (Want to Give the Sun)
  2. GT夏少年 (GT Summer Boy)
  3. 笑っちゃうけどスキ (I Like You Although You Laugh)
  4. 冒険の数だけ (Only Adventure's Number)
  5. 希望 - これから (Hope - After This)
  6. い風のレジェンド (Distant Wind's Legend)
  7. アフリカの夢 (Africa Dream)
  8. 君れじのマンハッタン・ジルバ (Your Forgotten Manhattan Jitterbug)
  9. たそがれロンリー (Twilight Lonely)
  10. ひとつまみのスパイス (One Pinch of Spice)
  11. 恋のレシピは大胆不敵 (Love's Recipe Is Audacity)
  12. 月じゃない星じゃないくのは (It Is Not the Moon or Stars Shining)
  13. 心臓伝言 (Message in the Heart) (Encore)
  14. 愛・おぼえていますか (Do You Remember the Love?) (Encore)
On the opening number, Tomo-chan changed some of the words to "Taiyou o Agetai". She sang this number so many times over the past eight years, it had to be intentional.

"Tooi Kaze no Legend" was a very slow acoustic guitar version.

During Selection 12, Tomo-chan introduced the band. She handed the microphone to each musician to say "ya ya ya ya" during the song. Unlike many of her other concerts, there were some acoustic instruments such as a brass section.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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