TOMO Natsu '98

TOMO Natsu '98
Tomo Sakurai Summer Concert

Pony Canyon PCVP-52476 (VHS)
Pony Canyon PCLP-00690 (LD)
6720 yen (VHS/LD)
released 1998.11.18
approximately 87 minutes

This video/DVD contains the live solo concert performance of 1998.07.20 at the Nippon Seinenkan, by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智).

The live featured many selections from the album, "Overlap". This was the first of Tomo-chan's concert videos that I was able to see and increased my interest in her work. I can still recall hearing one of my favorites, "Taiyou o Agetai" for the first time.

The selections are as follows.

  1. Overture
  2. Dance Dance Dance
  3. Chase Your Dream
  4. アフリカの夢 (Africa Dream)
  5. Overlap
  6. 明日をリアライズ (Realize Tomorrow)
  7. 花の咲く日々 (Every Day that Flowers Bloom)
  8. たそがれロンリー (Twilight Lonely)
  9. Adventure Life
  10. 美しき戦い (Beautiful Battle)
  11. オルゴォル (Music Box)
  12. Interlude
  13. ちょっと幸福 (A Little Bit Happy)
  14. Baby, Baby
  15. 恋のレシピは大胆不敵 (Love's Recipe Is Audacity)
  16. 心臓伝言 (Message in the Heart)
  17. 太陽をあげたい (Want to Give the Sun)
  18. 笑っちゃうけどスキ (I Like You Although You Laugh) (Encore)
  19. 君れじのマンハッタン・ジルバ (Your Forgotten Manhattan Jitterbug) (Encore)
  20. Don't Forget Me (Encore)

There is a brief rehearsal interview with Tomo-chan before "Tasogare Lonely". During a brief interlude on stage, dressed in a red Lemon Angel-type outfit, she mentions that by the way, this was the same concert hall as the first concert about ten years before (1989.03.14). She asks who in the audience about who was also there for that concert, and only a few fans yell back. She laughs and says like "it was 10 years ago, right?". She continues that for this occasion, there is a new arrangement of one of the Lemon Angel songs, "Tasogare Lonely", and everyone cheers wildly.

During the finale "Don't Forget Me", the music stops and she sings a capella for quite some time, making the song some seven minutes total.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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