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Yamazaki Takumi roles (games)

Takumi has done the following roles in games.

Angelic Vale [Windows]Ryuubek
Angelic Vale [Windows]Vilkes
Another Century's Episode 3: The Final [PlayStation 2]Isamu Dyson
Dragon Force II [Sega Saturn]Gangas
hack//Akushou Hen'i Vol.2 (.hack) [PlayStation 2]Wiseman
hack//G.U. Vol.1 [Playstation 2]?
hack//Kansen Kakudai Vol.1 (.hack) [PlayStation 2]Wiseman
hack//Shinshoku Osen Vol.3 (.hack) [PlayStation 2]Wiseman
Phantom -Phantom of Inferno- [DVD, Playstation 2]Raymond McGwire
Shiritsu Justice Gakuen [PlayStation]Nekketsu Hayato
Sparkling Feather [PC FX]Lapis Lasley
Sparkling Feather [PC FX]Tanza
To Heart [Playstation]Kimori Sensei