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Yasuno Kiyono events

Some of the events that Kiyono has appeared in are as follows.

2016.10.16Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 4th Live TriCastle Story Saitama
2016.10.22[10:00-18:00] Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai 2016 main stage
2016.10.22[15:00] Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai 2016 Saenai Radio no Sodatekata
2017.08.13[] Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 5th Live Serendipity Parade Saitama Super Arena (day 2)
2017.10.21[16:00] Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai 2017 Saenai Radio no Sodatekara
2018.11.10[] Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 6th Live MetLife Dome (day 1)
2018.11.11[] Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 6th Live MetLife Dome (day 2)
2019.11.09[] The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls 7th Live Tour Funky Dancing
2021.02.27[16:00] LisAni! Live 2021 Saturday Stage